Higher Sports

The vision of Higher Sports is to equip the local church in any country to make a difference in its community with the life changing message of Jesus. Its unique nature makes it possible for the Church to network its neighbourhood with a resource that will attract all ages of boys and girls and bring it into close contact with many families.

The nature of the ministry is such that anyone with a love for young people and sport can take advantage of this resource without needing to call on any external help. The course also allows the church to plan future events with its community on the back of all the relationships formed through the many activities of Higher Sports. Consultations and workshops are available where a church requires something of a ‘kick-start’ but this is not required in order to start the course.

How we do it


churches and schools in the delivery of a Higher Sports programme


church leadership for the task of impacting their local community for Christ


the sporting Christians to fulfil their sports ministry potential


with national & international partners in order to reach a wider world