Higher Sports

Presentation Ceremonies are a great way to conclude any Higher Sports event. The following recommendations have proved to be successful with churches and schools that have adopted them.

How and who?

  • Invite a local sports person who can communicate well about their sport and their Christian faith. It is not necessary to have a well known sports person unless the church or the school has a particularly good contact with one
  • Present a Higher Sports certificate to every participant which contains an action photo of one of the course endorsers. These can be photo copied from the manual or ordered from Higher Sports
  • Where appropriate award medals for winning teams but also have certificates for good sportsmanship, skill improvement etc if you thought that was helpful.
  • If finances allowed you could present all participants with a Higher Sports Powerball. This would be particularly relevant if you had used the Powerball as an illustration for some of your devotional talks and a constant reminder to the youngsters after the completion of the course.
  • With parents and families present at the Presentation Ceremony it can be a useful time to communicate any future plans the church might have in its work with children, young people, families and adults.
  • Use every opportunity to finish off the Course with a bang and send people away with positive feelings about all the good work that has been done.
  • Try and include some tasty refreshments at the end of the Ceremony to give plenty of time for chatting with the parents of those who have been involved in the Course

Awards & Certificates

There are numerous resources that can be given during or after events. Normally trophies and certificates are given to teams or individuals. Sportsmanship, General improvement and Completion of Course certificates can be viewed below. To see examples of the 3 types of certificates, click the relevant link below.


Download Sportsman certificate >> Download Course Completion certificate >> Download Improvement certificate >>