Higher Sports
Title: Beyond the Gold
Author: Bryan Mason

The person who came up with the saying that ''Christians never retire'' must have done so after spending a day with Bryan Mason. There has rarely been a man with such energy to burn with sharing the gospel in the world of sport. When I first met him about 20 years ago,  he was on the point of taking early retirement from being deputy head teacher of a large Yorkshire comprehensive school, in order to spend more time in evangelism.  On doing so he spent nine years working with local churches across the UK on behalf of Christians in Sport.  After this time he still couldn't resist the offer to become European Sports Director for the American based Church Sports and Recreation Ministers organisation, CSRM. After a hugely committed five years in that role, it appeared he might finally slow down and put his feet up. However, the advent of the 2012 London Olympics and his vision for a new sports mission strategy, which he called Higher Sports, meant that the new challenge demanded delaying the pipe and slippers once again.

This book is, therefore, the product of fifteen years of formal sports ministry experience, as well as at least twenty five more years spent informally in evangelism and discipleship to sports people through the local church. It offers a panoramic view of the possibilities and pitfalls of sports ministry and does so with a clear passion and commitment for the local church; it is written in a way that both informs and challenges the reader. I am confident that anyone who reads Beyond the Gold will be encouraged that the local church can only gain from being involved in mission to their sports community. I am glad that Christians never retire!

Graham Daniels

General Director, Christians In Sport